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In 2012, government-led changes opened market competition in the higher education sector. This meant that many universities were undertaking multiple and significant change programmes at once. Our client had limited capability focused on programme and change delivery, including a lack of an underpinning methodology and templates.

Drawing on our experience of large-scale change and portfolio management, we worked with the university to define a new project framework, including defining projects to allow for nuanced approaches based on size, scale and criticality. Pathways identified appropriate project lifecycles, typical roles and responsibilities, governance structures, and project templates for different types of change. This was consolidated into a methodology handbook alongside templates and common tools.

Throughout the design, we found a balance between governance and control versus speed and agility, and made this a key focus of training and handover. This allowed us to have tailored conversations about roles, expectations, and how to engage with the lifecycle process.

Summary of work

  • End-to-end transformation of portfolio, programme and project delivery to define a new methodology and approach to change
  • Assessment of live programmes against the new framework, identifying key areas to address going forwards
  • Rollout of the enterprise-wide framework across the university