Harnessing technologies to reimagine businesses and experiences

Digital transformation challenges facing businesses

We understand the challenges and opportunities of leveraging digital and data, from what to invest in, to the art of the possible on technology, to maximising investments and benefits, to how to keep up with the increased rate of innovation. Our team can harness the power of technologies to help set you up for future success in an ever-changing world.

Navigating digital decisions

With the rate of digital innovation showing no signs of slowing down, the days of long-form, multi-year strategies are gone. How do you create enough direction and steer in which to anchor delivery, while creating an environment to make dynamic and responsive digital decisions?

Building enterprise agility

How do you help your business not only do Agile, but be Agile? It’s a delicate balance between delivering at pace, building future capabilities into the business, and making sure the change delivers real tangible outcomes. Agile isn’t just about technology delivery, but the lynchpin to link customer experience, corporate strategy and technology delivery.

Leveraging data assets

How do you leverage your data assets to drive a culture of converting insights into actions? From data use-cases and models, to data capture and processing, to technology stacks, to visualisation – taking an insight-led approach to business design and decision-making means putting people at the heart of your transformation.

Our Services

We support you to uncover your strategic digital choices, define your strategies and deliver value from digital investments. Our consultants couple their digital delivery expertise with strategic consulting knowledge to deliver meaningful and lasting digital change.

Adaptive digital strategy

Our innovative adaptive strategy approach provides the right balance of strategic direction, with the flexibility to revisit and refresh assumptions and digital decisions. Taking an insight-led approach, we help our clients define strategic objectives, transformation outcomes, measures/objectives and key results, and subsequent delivery portfolios. Our strategic framing canvas gives you the power to create dynamic, responsive and beautiful strategies.

Agile transformation

Helping you to be Agile, as well as do Agile, involves us showing your teams how to deliver digital technologies into your business using Scaled Agile methods with a dollop of pragmatism. We also consider how your business can consume technology to maximise digital investments. ChAgile™ is our own blend of Agile and change management.

Data transformation and insight

We take a human-centric approach to data transformation and creating data-driven cultures. We get enormous satisfaction from moving clients from hindsight to insight, and insight to foresight, enabling them to use insights to make better decisions and deliver better experiences. We recognise the power of data and know how to ensure your people get the best out of it.

Our Credentials

We are privileged to be working with some of the largest and most influential organisations on digital and data transformation. View some of our client stories here.

Driving global growth through digital for a global pharma

Setting the strategy and delivering the rollout of a new customer engagement system with world-class technology.

Driving Agile literacy

Building the internal Agile capability for this housing association ahead of a major technology transformation programme.

Transforming master data management (MDM)

Helping this market-leading global retailer understand, define and transform its approach to MDM.

Our Insights

Our team of experts regularly share their insights about digital and data transformation across a range of sectors. You can read some of them here.


Meet some of our team

Umbar Shakir
Digital and data lead
Mohammad Ehsanian
Simon Michel
Emily Armstrong
Scott Ellis
Digital and data lead
Umbar Shakir
Client director
Mohammad Ehsanian
Emily Armstrong

If you would like to speak to us about how we can support you with digital and data, please contact Umbar Shakir.

If you would like to speak to us about how we can support you with digital and data, please contact Scott Ellis.