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Diversity, equity and inclusion 

The more diverse we are, and the deeper our understanding of each other, the better we are at finding solutions for our clients.  

But there’s more to diversity, equity and inclusion than simply respecting our differences.  Our success is founded on a sense of belonging and collaboration. Sharing our stories and celebrating our differences makes it easier – and more fun – to work here.  

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I’m proud to be our DE&I Lead. I get to see how, united by our values, each of us has the freedom to bring our own perspectives, ideas and skills to the table. It’s abundantly clear that everyone feels we’re stronger for our focus on DE&I and that we achieve more together.



We regularly take time out to improve our awareness and inclusion of our Pride community. One memorable Pride Month event included an invitation for everyone to share what Pride meant to them.

Our trans and gender-neutral parental leave policy also ensures everyone here can focus properly on family.

Work’s a massive part of making me feel safe and being able to be my authentic self, without any questions or judgement.

Gender equity

We create a culture and space for open discussion and learning with the overall objective of ensuring Gate One is an inclusive place to work. The gender equity team has led and supported several initiatives across our business, including listening groups, panel discussions and personal story posts, all with the intention of increasing awareness of gender inequities, building empathy and showing support to all our colleagues.

It is encouraging to see Gate One put values into action, by listening to the voices of women in the workplace and investing in external DE&I specialists to help build psychological safety and facilitate deeper discussions around inequities, barriers, and opportunities that can lead to positive change.


Race and culture

We’re on track to meet our target of 25% black, Asian and minority ethnic employees by 2025 – and 10% of senior management. Whether it’s our podcast on the black community’s contribution to British society, or taking part in business-wide Eid, Diwali and Rosh Hashanah events: we want to learn more about each other, as we broaden our horizons.

It's great to see Gate One taking the steps to really celebrate and embrace the different cultural backgrounds here. We're working to learn from one another, try new things and think beyond ourselves and our own experiences.


Neurodiversity and Disability

Within the Neurodiversity and Disability team, we raise awareness of the range of conditions that create differences and opportunities in the way people’s brains work and/or the specific type of support they may need at work. Enhancing the employee experience via this lens is key, from recruitment to onboarding, how we resource our team on to client engagements as well as how learning and development is offered. Increasing the knowledge and awareness of the Gate One team also benefits how we work with clients.

At Gate One we believe in recognising the strengths that each of our employees can bring to the table and are continuously looking to work together to create a more welcoming and supportive work culture.

TomSenior Consultant

Our DE&I targets

We’re committed to meeting the targets of the Havas ‘All-In Charter’, created for all the agencies in our Group.

These include an ambition to extend the 50% of women in senior Havas UK management into all UK senior roles. We also aim to build long lists for live roles and placement schemes with at least 50% female and 14% ethnic candidates.

In turn, we’ve gone one step further than the UK Government’s equal pay legislation to include ethnic backgrounds as well as gender. Everyone also completes our All In diversity course, and we continue to develop programmes that remove the professional barriers faced by women and ethnic colleagues.

We’re committed to meeting the targets of the Havas ‘All-In Charter’, created for all the agencies in our Group.

25% black, asian and minority ethnic employees by 2025

At least 10% black, asian and minority ethnic employees in senior management by 2025

DE&I stories

We regularly take part in activities and share stories to support our DE&I ambitions.


Our recent activity

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If you share our passion for diversity, equity and inclusion, why not join the team?  

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If you would like to speak to us about our DE&I strategy, please contact Sonia Cochet.