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Following a review into growing victim dissatisfaction and disengagement, the London Mayor’s Office for Police and Crime (MOPAC) and the London Victims’ Commissioner produced a set of recommendations for criminal justice agencies at national and local levels to improve support provided to victims of crime in London. Gate One led a partnership with a crime and justice consultancy to:

  • identify the barriers faced by organisations in progressing the recommendations, and to build a multi-agency action plan to take the recommendations forward
  • assess the feasibility of a ‘victims care hub’ for London, one of the most contentious recommendations.

To build the action plan, we used quantitative and qualitative methods to collect data, analyse progress and identify challenges. In parallel, we supported MOPAC to co-design a range of potential models for a victims care hub to support victim interactions with the criminal justice system.

In a challenging 12-week timeframe, we produced a cross-system action plan to deliver the recommendations and supporting governance model. We also built a strategic outline business case and delivery roadmap for the preferred victim care hub model, which MOPAC is now working with senior stakeholders to agree.

Summary of work

  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Accelerator event
  • Action planning and roadmap development
  • Business case development