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A housing association wanted to revolutionise its internal operations to deliver a hyper-personalised customer experience, both digitally and physically.

We worked closely with the technology and service delivery teams to craft a data strategy and data entity design with the customer journey at the heart. To help the leadership team understand the importance of data, we ran ‘data 101’ virtual training sessions to break data down into a set of accessible concepts and terms.

Placing the resident experience at the heart of the process, we co-created ten prototype future journeys and experience definitions, and used a journey-based approach to develop data entities that met user expectations at each stage of the customer experience. We conducted cross-entity workshops to build the data structures and co-design the data entities for the future, alongside defining a data management framework.

We are so delighted with the work on data strategy. We chose Gate One due to the quality of their people to assimilate and work within our culture, while also challenging us and being provocative where appropriate. We set incredibly tight deadlines and Gate One rose to the challenge, delivering high-quality work.

Executive director of people and systems

Summary of work

  • Data strategy
  • Customer journey design
  • Data entry model design