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A network operator required a new operating model to drive out the inefficiencies created as a result of organic growth over time. The client’s supply chain ecosystem consisted of larger orders than their competitors and they were navigating an increasingly complex industry landscape, with rising customer expectations. Our client needed to be able to continue to deliver the best network and technology at the lowest cost.

We engaged a cross-section of national stakeholders to diagnose the current state of challenges and opportunities. We used this insight to inform the redesign of a services-oriented operating model based around delivering outcomes for their primary services. We implemented this new design while simplifying and streamlining their governance and decision-making rights to make them more responsive and drive consistency.

This new operating model shifted the organisation away from their internal, functional focus and put customer outcomes at the heart of their operations, contributing to a wider cultural shift to a service delivery mindset.

The team blended very well with our own and very consciously integrated with the individual teams they were working with. They were able to guide us to produce a fantastic operating model design and are held in very high regard by our staff.

Summary of work

  • Operating model design and implementation
  • Service delivery
  • Customer centricity