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A national regulator was looking to create a new performance model as part of its newly created operational performance function. The new model needed to be driven centrally but implemented locally and focus on driving continuous improvement throughout core business activities.

Our work focused on designing and implementing the model, deploying changes iteratively to ensure that lessons learnt from previous releases were captured and acted upon. We also trained and supported client staff in the use of the model so that they felt confident using it after we left. Finally, we helped build momentum for continuous improvement by progressing some in-flight initiatives to deliver quick wins in performance improvement, alongside some positive case studies showcasing the value of continuous improvement.

Our efforts in this space helped the operational performance function set up for success in a sustainable and effective way. We also accelerated implementation in priority areas where we could add most value and accelerated the desired culture change to really embed continuous improvement throughout the organisation.

The whole Gate One team has made a big difference, giving us the momentum and expertise we needed to really make an impact. As a result of the engagement, we have seen a real step change.

Head of operational performance

Summary of work

  • Operational performance
  • Continuous improvement
  • Knowledge transfer