Driving culturally aligned, innovative change programmes

People change challenges facing businesses

Digital transformation, evolving employee expectations and challenging market conditions dictate that organisations need to operate differently. New behaviours, cultures and ways of working are needed to unlock greater connection, productivity, innovation and speed – all while protecting the employee experience.

No terminal velocity for the pace of change

We’ve been hearing for years – maybe decades – that change fatigue is a growing issue but let’s be honest, the pace of change isn’t slowing down. Organisations today need approaches to change that are leaner and more flexible than traditional ways.

The people journey for digitisation

Advances in technology and digital ways of working are leapfrogging earlier predictions, providing incredible opportunity but also leaving many leaders and individuals feeling left behind, overwhelmed or unclear about how to adapt the employee experience for high performance in the digital world.

Culture and connection

Many organisations have recently undergone a challenging period of forced transformation – and a shift in what employees expect from their jobs. Leaders are looking to ‘what next’ to foster a healthy culture, develop leadership behaviours for the future of work, and create change approaches that establish trust and truly engage people towards a meaningful vision.

Our Services

Organisations find it hard to transform, particularly when resorting to traditional approaches or off-the-shelf methodologies for delivering culture and people change. We will work with you to facilitate the right blend of innovation and pragmatism to ensure you invest in interventions that deliver the most value. Our team brings empathy and rapid experimentation techniques to partner with you across your people change agenda to ensure the change sticks.

Change management/ ChAgile®

Design and deploy change programmes that connect with and support your people to align their collective energy towards your purpose – either via more traditional approaches or ChAgile®, a people-centric and experimental way of delivering change.

Culture change

Foster a healthy culture to unify your teams, make a positive impression on customers and help drive sustainable competitiveness. From diagnostic to blueprint development and creating people-centred interventions.

Transformation Leadership Academy

Real transformation starts with your people. Through coaching, leadership assessment and development programmes, we equip individuals and teams to better manage themselves, their people and, ultimately, organisational change.

Digital workforce

Design your ‘future of work’ including employee experience innovation. Set yourself up for success by supporting your people to thrive in the digital workforce.

Our Credentials

We are privileged to be working with some of the largest and most influential organisations on their most complex change programmes. View some of our client stories here.

Building an organisation-wide change capability

Supporting a FTSE 100 with a challenging global transformation agenda by establishing a new change centre of excellence and leading the change delivery on priority programmes.

Embedding a new operating model in a FTSE 100 organisation’s DNA

Overcoming historical failed attempts of change to embed a new operating model and change ways of working from the exec to the frontline.

Pivoting to a digital culture

Supporting this UK-wide retailer in creating a new digital culture for its people across all elements of the talent lifecycle in the wake of the pandemic.

Our Insights

Our team of experts regularly share their insights about people change across a range of sectors. You can read some of them here.


Meet some of our team

Caro Ruttledge
Culture and change lead
Claire Laing
Laura Fenton
Katerina Leckie
Caro Ruttledge
Client director
Claire Laing
Laura Fenton
Katerina Leckie

If you would like to speak to us about how we can support you with culture and change management, please contact Caro Ruttledge.