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In response to an increasingly challenging external environment, our client was implementing a new operating model, including structure, governance, process and culture. Previous attempts at introducing new ways of working had achieved limited success. Behaviours and processes typically reverted to the old status quo and benefits were not realised. This time the client wanted to ensure the changes truly stuck.

We developed a bespoke change approach to delivering the new operating model and helping departments move to the future state. This was pragmatic and outcomes focused for an organisation not used to planning for change. It also incorporated the discipline and rigour required to manage changes that spanned nine countries and six departments. Key to success was enabling leaders to prepare for and own the new ways of working, and planning the people change elements right from the beginning of the design phase – not after.

For the first time our client was able to approach a complex transformation with leadership alignment – and confidence – to truly make a difference. The change programme secured widespread buy-in and commitment for the new operating model, ensured new ways of working were sustained once the programme closed. It also enabled the organisation to better lead future change, supported by a reusable toolkit and a more skilled and resilient team.

Gate One provided excellent well-pitched change management support to our operations colleagues.

Head of organisational development

Summary of work

  • Bespoke change and readiness toolkit
  • Leadership co-design workshops
  • Programme change roadmap and departmental change plans
  • Change coaching for leadership and HR
  • Transition to business as usual