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Following the global pandemic, a UK DIY retailer needed to address some of their major stock management challenges, driving better availability, a more optimised stock holding and reducing waste. To enable this, they invested in the RELEX system for forecasting and replenishment, presenting substantial benefits that were contingent on significant organisational changes in people and processes.

Gate One were brought in to support on change management and commercial operating model design. Using our change approach, the team partnered with the commercial, logistics and store communities to identify how operations and roles would be impacted, and what these roles required to be set-up for success. The team then enabled this through engagement, training and readiness support, while establishing the KPI and benefits tracking needed to measure performance post-implementation.

Following the work, our client successfully digitally transformed stock management, implementing crucial changes across the commercial, stores, and logistics teams.

Summary of work

  • Supply Chain Digital Transformation
  • Change Management
  • Operating Model Design
  • Transformation Leadership