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Sustainable shopping habits

Our latest research reveals that, while some consumers are interested in sustainability, concerns over other factors, such as the cost-of-living crisis, are increasingly weighing on people’s minds and influencing their buying decisions. As such, there is a noticeable gap between consumer intentions and actual behaviours. Given the mismatch between retailers’ emphasis on sustainability and consumers’ actions, it may be time for retailers to rethink how they can encourage more sustainable consumer behaviour.

Among the issues this report uncovers are what stops consumers making sustainable choices? What are the differences in sustainable shopping habits in-store and online? What do consumers expect from retailers to promote more sustainable shopping behaviours? And what are some useful sustainability strategies for retailers?

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Sustainability is increasingly important to people but…

Can mean a myriad of different things to different people, for example:


Protecting the environment

Reducing climate change

They are likely to have many other competing worries influencing their buying behaviours including:

The cost of living

The cost of living

The economy

The economy



There is clearly an opportunity here for retailers to do more to promote sustainable options – and consumers expect them to take a lead on this. Making sustainability easy to understand and readily apparent at the point of purchase, as well as directing consumers towards these options, is likely to have the most impact.

Sustainable shopping panel discussion

We were recently joined by an expert panel including Meredith Ford, Health and Sustainable Diets Customer Strategy Manager at Tesco, Sonia Thimmiah, Head of Sustainable Brands and Customer Partnerships at Reckitt, Mike Barry, Strategic Adviser on Sustainable Business, and Charlotte Kiddle, Chief Research and Partnerships Officer at Virtual Store Trials, to explore the findings of our report.

Watch the full session here.

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