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Healthcare UK, a sponsored body of the Department for International Trade, Department of Health and the NHS, were at a critical juncture following a significant restructure, performance issues and external threats, such as Brexit. They needed to develop a strategy to deliver £5bn of export sales over three years and re-engage with central government and public bodies to make this happen.

Partnering with the chief executive, COO and strategy director, we reviewed the organisation’s performance and capabilities before co-developing a new five-year storyboard outlining the strategic story, vision, strategic roadmap and future operating model. An engagement plan was developed alongside a portfolio of programmes to support bringing this strategy to life.

The key outcome was an engaged leadership team aligned around a new five-year strategy and armed with the confidence to deliver it. A roadmap and defined portfolio of programmes supported with KPIs, transformation governance, and an operating model blueprint were also delivered to underpin the strategy.

Summary of work

  • New vision and strategic mission
  • A clear and approved roadmap
  • Defined portfolio of programmes