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Our client was in the process of an enterprise-wide business transformation. The changes included the creation of new global directorates, realignment of brand and marketing teams, and a new governance structure, all underpinned by cultural change. With the client’s internal change team spread across multiple geographies with different customer needs, we were brought in to develop a streamlined, flexible change strategy, build an intervention roadmap and set leadership up for success.

We conducted an organisation-wide change impact assessment, creating change toolkits for all levels of the organisation so that communications and change could be tailored to individual grades/departments. We also created a change implementation roadmap and bespoke training package to use with change champion networks and to upskill leaders in the change.

We delivered a targeted change plan that utilised a blend of training, workshops and communications to all key stakeholder groups. This dramatically increased alignment across teams, defined change leader roles and created measurable change metrics. Leaders were individually trained to become more effective change leaders to help their teams on the transformation journey.

Summary of work

  • Flexible change strategy
  • Enterprise-wide transformation
  • Cultural change
  • Change impact assessment and toolkits
  • Change implementation roadmap