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Our client was in the midst of integrating two companies and wanted to launch a new marketing operating model to take the best from both companies, reduce duplication of effort, and ensure they could be innovative and flexible to differing global consumer demands. We designed and implemented the new operating model across the global and regional teams.

We worked with our client to develop a vision and mission for the operating model and define clear programme governance, while managing their ongoing integration dependencies. We helped the client derive the key value drivers of their operating model, agreeing that decision making should be moved to the markets to enable flexibility of service to the customer. This was balanced with an innovation delivery hub in the central teams to embed an innovative customer experience across all regions. We held design workshops to refine these value drivers and understand the capabilities required in each area of the business. We also developed the implementation plan and supported the change initiative needed to ensure the new operating model was a success.

The new operating model was launched company-wide during the ongoing integration with the supporting change toolkit. Regional intricacies were managed through agile sprint rollouts and KPIs were defined and tracked to monitor embedding of the operating model across the organisation.

Summary of work

  • Marketing operating model
  • Programme governance
  • Innovation delivery hub
  • Design workshops
  • Change toolkit
  • Post-merger integration