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While AI is not new, big data, new applications and low barriers of entry have enabled generative AI and its usage to progress rapidly. We are now facing an unprecedented opportunity to integrate generative AI into our daily lives, both personally and professionally.

Gate One were joined in New York by leading figures in AI and business to explore the capabilities, limitations and vast opportunities presented in harnessing generative AI.

Gate One’s Digital and Data Lead Umbar Shakir delivered a key note speech on the key issues businesses need to be aware of, before being joined by an expert panel including Conor Grennan, NY Times and Int’l #1 Best-selling Author, Dean of MBA Students and Head of Generative AI at NYU Stern School of Business, Doug Barr, founder and CEO of PixieDust Labs, an AI company, and Jason Jercinovic, AI Ethicist and Partner at Gate One.

AI is your people’s future

One of the key takeaways from the day was that AI is not going to replace people on its own, however, people using AI will replace people not using it. Over the course of the event we also explored some of the key trends we’ve observed, emerging leaders in the sector and how businesses can get started with using generative AI today.

The best way to get to grips with generative AI is to just go ahead and play ith it, but always remember, don’t disclose any strategic, proprietary, or sensitive information when using a public domain tool! Dream big and deliver with caution.

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Watch the full session

Watch a recording of the full session to get the most complete view of everything you need to know about generative AI and the impact it will have on leading organizations.

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Download the keynote deck

Take a read through the keynote deck Umbar delivered for a quick look at the major headlines from the session and get a view on the issues affecting you.

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Upskill your team

Have a watch of our panelist Conor Grennan’s fantastic YoutTube series on how to master prompting in Chat GPT.

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Curious how your team can start exploring the tools in a low-risk and ethical way? Reach out to our innovation team and we can help you get started

Umbar Shakir

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