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A framework to effectively engage this influential generation

Generation Z (Gen Z), the demographic group following Millennials and preceding Generation Alpha, became the largest generation globally in 2019. Ranging from 10 to 26 years old, they are the first generation born entirely in the digital age.

Many organisations recognise Gen Z’s potential to bring fresh perspectives and insights into their business models and offerings. However, existing thought leadership around Gen Z tends to observe without involving them directly.

To address this gap, Gate One has collaborated with University College Dublin’s Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School CEMS Masters in International Management programme, to engage directly with a cohort of exceptional international Gen Z students to gain first hand insights from Gen Z themselves.

The result is Gate One’s A to Gen Z framework, which provides businesses with specific and actionable steps to effectively engage this influential generation.

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The most interesting insight of the framework project was clearly identifying that the way to reach and convince Gen Z is completely different to Gen Y.

Valentin GellertUCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School’s CEMS Masters in International Management student
Gen Z insights

The key characteristics of Gen Z

In this episode of our Gen Z series, Ruth Burns and Donal Flynn explore some of the most interesting insights that came out of the research and take a look at how formative moments in our Gen Z students lives have helped shape their experiences and understandings.

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Gen Z insights

Gen Z and the customer experience

In this episode of our Gen Z series, Kellie Hill and Ruth Burns sit down to discuss Gen Z as consumers, and how the different ways they experience and engage with the world mean businesses need to proactively think about strategies and methods to meet them where they are.

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Gen Z insights

Employee lifecycles that engage Gen Z

In this feature Scott Bareham explores how we consider Gen Z in our full employee lifecycle – from recruitment to life in our company and then all the way through to their next opportunity and exiting the business.

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“Gen Z are incredibly attached to communities. Businesses have to try to understand these communities and not try to interact with consumers directly.”

“This generation tends to have a short attention span yet values genuine and verifiable content. It strives for authenticity yet is constantly immersed in a digital world.”

“Gen Z can be radical and unforgiving in their decision-making, upholding high standards for quality control and ethics of the brands they consume”

Looking to improve your connection to the world’s largest generation?

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