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After many years of successful and rapid expansion, our client started to face increasing amounts of organisational complexity which resulted in overlapping accountabilities and fragmented decision-making.

We supported them to define and implement a new operating model focused on delivering the required changes to the organisation. Working with various business leaders and their respective teams, we established and delivered a robust transformation roadmap. This was underpinned by a governance framework to enable recommendations, agile decision-making and allow challenge to design options.

We delivered a scalable operating model that clarifies decision-making and leadership accountabilities, is leaner, drives cost competitiveness, expands the organisation’s digital and data capabilities, and sets them up for future success. We also left behind a legacy of enhanced transformation skills across HR and business leaders, which will help them navigate future change.

The right balance of programme and operating model expertise – coaching and challenging to substantially move us forward and upskill our team for the future.

Head of organisation development

Summary of work

  • Growth strategy
  • Operating model design and implementation
  • Business case and benefits management
  • Change management