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Following our recent interviews on avoiding the AI hype and how to land value with GenAI technology, we caught up with Hazel Cotton on the value-led approach when introducing AI into your transformation to ensure you’re still encouraging innovation but in a process-driven and logical way to meet your business outcomes.   

There is a lot of hype around at the moment, but the problem with hype is it doesn’t always lead to good business outcomes. At Gate One, we take a meaningful approach to AI, and this has two aspects. The first aspect is around human-centricity, so leading with the human heart, which is how we feel, and also leading with the human brain, so our curiosity, our intellect, our strategic thinking, and then we supercharge that with Gen AI. The second aspect is making sure that we’re focusing on ethics, transparency and sustainability, so that we are being responsible – solving problems and not creating them.

What is a value-led approach?


The first phase is incubate, and that is about actually creating all of those ideas, putting all of the thinking in, dreaming big, what can AI do? What are those business problems that we can actually solve?


The second phase is moving on to assess. Systematically reviewing all of those ideas, prioritising based on feasibility about the potential for business outcome.


Once you’ve incubated and assessed, you move on to the acceleration phase. This is about building out your pilot team. You start building out those ideas, testing, building iteratively, making sure that you’re being really rigorous.

Hazel Cotton

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