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The challenge

A European airline wanted a coherent strategy for driving lasting value from customer data. They wanted a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to address key challenges in their business, including the lack of an individual 360 view of their customers (contributing to poor customer experience and heightened regulatory and compliance risk).

The organisation had already begun implementing a CDP strategy and solution, but the work lacked a clear strategic narrative and was not well aligned to business and customer needs.

Gate One were engaged to conduct a detailed review of the strategy, aligning this to both business and customer most pressing use cases and needs.

The approach

Discovery: Gate One conducted interviews and document reviews to understand the current state challenges, pain points and future aspirations for customer data.

Design: Facilitated “blue sky thinking” working sessions with key stakeholders to identify and prioritise CDP use cases and desired outcomes against each.

Vendor analysis: Mapped use cases to capability requirements including hyper personalisation and AI/machine learning recommendations. Researched, engaged and short-listed potential solution providers.

Strategy and roadmap: Provided a series of recommendations and roadmap for a product landscape aligned to customer need and business pain points.

The results

Equipped the client with a rich view of user needs and the art-of-the-possible for customer data , driving a step change in its level of ambition.

Developed a clear set of desired outcomes, use cases, metrics and KPIs that set the basis for the customer data platform strategy.

Developed trusted relationships and prepared the client to competitively tender for vendors.

A high-level customer data platform roadmap to direct the client through building functionality over time, in line with vendor roadmaps.

Summary of work

  • Journey mapping
  • Use case identification
  • Outcomes, metrics and KPI definition
  • Vendor research