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From the beginning, Gate One have embraced entrepreneurship and encouraged their team to launch their own start-ups via the Gate One Incubator. The creativity and grit required to do this helps set their people apart, in turn enhancing skillsets and providing valuable experience in tackling business challenges. Since the launch of the Gate One Incubator, over 30 individual businesses have been supported on their own journeys.

Gate One is now pleased to announce the launch of the Gate One Start-Up, which will leverage the collective skillset across the company to take an idea from ideation to launch.

The Gate One Start-Up is grounded in three key principles.

  1. Employee ownership. The business is owned by Gate One employees and creates opportunities for everyone to contribute.
  2. Building in public. The business will be open, transparent and honest about all aspects of the journey, including challenges, setbacks and lessons learnt.
  3. Raising awareness on sustainability. The business will ensure the product is sustainable, while educating consumers and interested parties on current habits.

Kajal Ruia, Head of the Incubator at Gate One said: “I am so thrilled to launch the Gate One Start Up. It’s a celebration of our culture of entrepreneurship, a core Gate One value, and a differentiator for our employee value proposition. It will enable all of our people to get stuck in and experience the challenges and joys of running a startup.”

There is no better way to live our entrepreneurial values than by becoming real-life entrepreneurs. Find out more about the Gate One Incubator.

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