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Gate One are pleased to announce that we have successfully gained accreditation against the Chartered Management Consultant (ChMC) framework. This represents our on-going commitment to providing the best possible environment for our consultants to deliver the most meaningful change possible for our clients.

Created and managed by the Management Consultancies Association and the Chartered Management Institute, the Chartered Management Consultant accreditation is relevant to both the individual and profession. The award sets and maintains the highest level of professionalism, skills and knowledge for the management consulting profession.

Central to this is the award’s competency framework which sets the standards for both individual consultants and an organisation’s training and development programme. We understand that at the heart of successful client engagements lies having a strong understanding of the client’s needs and challenges and the ChMC framework emphasises the importance of effective communication, relationship building, and problem-solving skills. These are all crucial for navigating complex stakeholder environments and delivering impactful solutions for clients.

Gate One’s David Forde, our first individually certified ChMC, said:

“By becoming the first ChMC at Gate One, I aimed to demonstrate the value of the program and encourage others to follow suit. It wouldn’t be fair to expect my colleagues to pursue something I hadn’t experienced myself.

I am now actively supporting other consultants going through the accreditation process by sharing my experiences and providing guidance. This is one of the ways we continue to fosters a culture of continuous learning and professional development within Gate One.”

The ChMC designation acts as a mark of quality, assuring clients that they’re working with consultants who possess the necessary skills and adhere to industry best practices. While client demand for ChMC accreditation may not be widespread yet, it’s a trend that’s likely to gain momentum in the coming years.

Sonia Cochet, Chief People Officer added:

”At Gate One we are committed to helping more of our individual consultants achieve ChMC status, ensuring we’re even better equipped to provide exceptional client service and to deliver meaningful change. By proactively adopting this standard, Gate One is future-proofing its services and ensuring we remain at the forefront of the consulting industry.”

Sonia Cochet

At Gate One we’re committed to upholding the highest standards of professionalism, empowering our team and delivering meaningful change for our clients.

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