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There’s a lot of hype around AI at the moment, but we feel that being frenzy-led with your technology doesn’t lead to value-led outcomes for your business. Umbar Shakir shares her thoughts on how to be value led with your outcomes in mind, rather than hype led, and how to get ahead of the frenzy by really thinking about the long-term benefits of this technology.

So what I’m seeing with my clients around generative AI, and AI in general, has been quite a bit of a sense of FOMO or fear of missing out, a frenzy of big tech, releasing developer kits and APIs and lots of technology that seems to hit every week.

A lot of businesses out there are feeling this sense of ‘I should be doing something’ on generative AI. The advice that I have for leaders who are thinking about their AI portfolio is to start with some of your outcomes in mind, whether those are commercial outcomes, customer outcomes, colleague outcomes or capability outcomes. To what end and what value are you trying to land in your organisation?

But also, what are the problems you’re trying to solve for in your business? And then you harness the technology to solve for those problems. The difference now is the ability for AI not to just automate and mimic tasks, but to now generate and synthesise new data. And that synthesis of new data, I think, is where we have a real power now to augment humans and how we do work.

So I think this is probably a bit of a hack to get back to humanity and solve for bigger and better problems in the world.

Umbar Shakir

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