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Transforming marketing into an engine for growth

Marketing transformation challenges facing businesses

The demands on marketing are growing. Marketing is seen as a strategic function that not only needs to stay ahead – both creatively and digitally – in a rapidly changing world, but also deliver significant business growth. As the role of chief marketing officer (CMO) gains a growing presence at the executive table, it’s essential for CMOs to ensure they have the right strategy and set up in place to meet and exceed expectations.

Transforming marketing into a strategic growth function

Marketing is no longer a support function, but a strategic engine for growth, driving customer acquisition, upsell and retention, while also acting as the voice of the customer, delivering leading customer experiences, and driving innovation and new customer offerings. This requires new intelligent ways of executing, measuring and optimising business activities.

Creating a connected and efficient function

In an increasingly complex world, many organizations are struggling with siloed and inefficient teams and agencies. Crafting a flexible and adaptable marketing function requires the right operating model, including organizational structure, capabilities, ways of working, tools and governance.

Harnessing martech to deliver a connected customer experience

Most businesses acknowledge the importance of understanding and delivering an unparalleled customer experience. Using the martech stack is critical, from driving a leading customer experience, to delivering customer insights and improving efficiency within the organization.

Our Services

From strategy and innovation to designing and delivering the marketing growth engine, we can help transform your organisation’s marketing function to drive meaningful and sustainable growth. We combine business acumen and consulting rigor with creativity and design, providing pragmatic change at pace using agile methodologies and innovative thinking.

Strategy and advisory

We help organizations set their strategy to accelerate growth, placing marketing as a core capability to help businesses achieve success. From developing the marketing strategy, to making the case for change, our strategy and advisory offering spans the entire marketing ecosystem.

Marketing growth engine design and optimization

We help clients build the engine needed to deliver quality touchpoints and growth in a rapidly changing world. We work with them to identify the key capabilities required in a modern marketing function, and design and embed the customer-centric operating model needed to deliver these with agility and speed.

Tools, technology and data

The marketing function is now a combination of science and art. Taking an insight-led approach, we support clients with their digital and data strategy, from assessing the current digital maturity of their organization, to connecting the digital landscape and improving insights. Based on this we can help develop pragmatic roadmaps to enable clients to reach their business goals and improve their customer experience.


Innovation is essential. In addition to outperforming the market today, businesses need to have an eye on the future and keep innovating. But the reality is that innovation is hard, with only 30% of companies thinking they’re any good at it. We help our clients define their innovation strategy, support ideation through Accelerator events, build new businesses through our Incubator service, and embed innovation within the organization itself.

Our Credentials

We are privileged to be working with some of the largest and most influential organizations to deliver effective marketing transformations. View some of our client stories here.

Building the case for change

Turning a reactive traditional marketing function into the engine for future growth.

Building the next-generation marketing engine

Putting in place an efficient, next-generation, marketing function, capable of driving strategic growth.

Joining the dots to drive growth

Breaking down intra-company silos and creating a successful one-customer approach.

Meet some of our team

Arif Jafferji
Marketing transformation lead
Louise Rey
Alex Mosley
Chrissie Muhl
Senior consultant

If you would like to speak to us about transforming your marketing function into an engine for growth, please contact Arif Jafferji.