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A successful automotive business was operating in silos between sales, after-sales and marketing. Customers were getting generic, mixed and disconnected messages. The ambition was to create a joined-up customer journey.

A holistic customer strategy was created, including an operationalized 3D segmentation. Customer touchpoints were co-ordinated with an AI overlay, driving automation to deliver bespoke and relevant messages.

We led holistic design workshops which set the parameters for segmentation and showed what a good customer journey looked like. This also helped break intra-company silos and create a one-customer approach. We introduced process engineering to operationalize the design, bringing together organization, capability and technology needs. A new CRM was implemented, connecting sales, operations, business intelligence and marketing systems. Finally, we created a pragmatic roadmap to rollout, balancing normal business and resourcing constraints.

The implementation of these measures resulted in improved business efficiency and co-ordination combined with stronger customer engagement and satisfaction, higher cross and upsell and, ultimately, revenue and profitability growth.

Summary of work

  • Customer strategy
  • Customer journey
  • Process engineering
  • CRM implementation
  • Roadmap