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Travel and Leisure

Delivering unique and personalised journeys


The travel and leisure industry is still dealing with the lingering effects of the pandemic. Ongoing uncertainties, varying restrictions and health concerns continue to impact travel confidence and disrupt planning, creating a unpredictable environment for businesses. Technology trends are adding pressure on businesses to meet the ever-evolving expectations of travellers for personalised and tech-driven experiences, while sustainability is playing a huge role as consumers are increasingly prioritising eco-conscious brands. Now is the time for businesses to embrace the opportunities ahead to secure brand loyalty in the competitive post-pandemic landscape.


The industry is grappling with optimising employee experience. Post-COVID uncertainties impact job security and morale, demanding innovative strategies for employee attraction. Rapid technological integration requires robust training programmes for staff, ensuring job satisfaction while adapting to evolving customer expectations. Plus, creating a supportive environment is key to retaining skilled professionals within hybrid working. Businesses able to strike these balances will foster a positive and resilient employee experience in the ever-evolving landscape of the travel and leisure sector.


Heightened customer concerns have emphasised the need for transparent communication and flexible policies. The rapid integration of technology requires seamless and user-friendly interfaces to ensure positive customer journeys. Sustainable practices, a growing priority for consumers, necessitate clear communication and tangible efforts to enhance the eco-friendly aspects of travel experiences. All of these play a key role in consumer expectations and priorities.


Data management plays a crucial role in enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Leveraging data for personalised offerings, targeted marketing and improved communication supports a seamless and tailored experience. Data-driven insights are also critical for sustainability initiatives, allowing organisations to measure and transparently communicate their environmental impact. As the industry embraces data analytics, AI and machine learning, businesses have a vast opportunity to access detailed insights into consumer behaviour, streamline operations and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving market.

Our Credentials

We are privileged to be working with some of the largest and most influential companies on their complex change programmes. View some of our client stories here.

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