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Future of Health

Exploring the transformation required to address the urgent need to design sustainable and resilient healthcare models and foster innovation across the health ecosystem

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Product | September 2022

Product leadership

Exploring the defining characteristics of product leadership, the barriers to embedding it and the potential rewards of doing so effectively.

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retail and CONSUmER | July 2022

Sustainable shopping habits

Discovering what stops consumers making sustainable choices and what consumers expect from retailers to promote more sustainable shopping behaviours.

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Banking Fraud

Exploring ways banks can deliver a relevant modern customer experience while protecting their customers from increasingly sophisticated fraud.

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Customer EXPERIENCE | October 2021

Keeping customers close

Find out what 500 businesses and 2000 consumers had to say about customer-centricity and whether C-suite strategies really align with consumer expectation.

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OPERATING MODEL | September 2020

Transform and perform

Discover what 300 senior executives had to say about organisational agility and the key role operating model transformations play in it.

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