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Managing change in ‘business as unusual’


Many organisations recognise the growing need for a different approach to change management. Traditional methodologies are too often detached from today’s reality – lacking the insight and agility to deliver transformation outcomes at pace.

It’s time to put away the tired toolkits and introduce change with more pull than push. This is ChAgile® – a creative, human-centric alternative to taking your people, leaders and organisation on a change journey that makes a meaningful difference.


Every change programme needs a plan – a plan lays the foundation for response. What’s important today is how we balance plan execution with experimentation, so we can pivot to keep up with our constantly changing world. ChAgile® can be thought of as a blank canvas, bordered by proven methods and tools, but without a single cookie-cutter approach. Within this creative white space, we use five principles to ground our approach.


Use a test and learn approach with adaptive and experimental change interventions, starting small with hypothesis-driven experiments; iterate and scale based on success and learnings to enhance impact.


Put your people at the heart of the experience, applying empathy and design-thinking tools to create experiences that deliver to people’s needs – one size does not fit all.


Measure performance by outcomes not outputs, gathering data and insight so you can react, pivot and continuously improve until you get the desired result.


Involve your stakeholders at every stage, creating your approaches hand in hand with business owners and those impacted – ignite buy-in and momentum as you solve and ideate together.


Take a step back to make the complex simple, bringing the full picture to life for people (physically or virtually) as you support them to internalise their change journey.

How we can help

ChAgile® delivery

Work shoulder to shoulder with our ChAgile® consultants and coaches, deploying them on your most challenging transformations.

ChAgile® training and coaching

Upskill your leaders, line managers and change practitioners to do change differently – the mindset, tools and behaviours.

ChAgile® enterprise licensing

Establish a contemporary change approach for your organisation – tailor and co-brand ChAgile® as your way of delivering meaningful change.

Our Credentials

We are privileged to be working with some of the largest and most influential organisations. View some of our client stories to see how ChAgile® can make a difference.

ChAgile® for rapid technology adoption

Supporting a FTSE 100 global manufacturer in rolling out a new technology platform to enable collaboration across its 18,000 employees.

ChAgile® for implementing a new operating model

Helping a FTSE 100 travel organisation align their sales and marketing functions and platforms across Europe, to reduce operational costs and set up for future growth.

ChAgile® for portfolio change management

Supporting a UK home improvement retailer establish a transformation portfolio office and bring senior leadership together as one.

Meet some of our team

Caro Ruttledge
Culture and change lead
Katerina Pettitt
Scott Bareham
Sophie Di Clemente

If you would like to speak to us about how ChAgile® can help you, please contact Katerina Pettitt.