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About us

We’re a business and digital transformation management consultancy business that specialises in building great relationships, while designing and delivering some of the world’s largest and most complex transformations.

That’s no small task in a world where the rate of change is rapidly accelerating, and so many decisions fail to live up to expectations.

Gate One is an award-winning specialist management consultancy that recently launched a presence in the Irish market. Established in 2013, we design and deliver some of the world’s largest and most complex business and digital transformations. We exist to deliver meaningful change. It is our core belief and mission statement, driving everything we do. And we are bringing our capabilities and experience to help new and existing clients who operate in the Irish market.

Meaningful change 

With around 250 people in the UK plus 30 based in Ireland and the US, there’s more to our work than delivering to a set of requirements. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to create meaningful change.  

Transforming clients

  • Tackling the toughest challenges and accelerating the boldest ambitions.
  • Taking personal responsibility for solving problems – and being fun to work with.
  • Instilling lasting change that continues to deliver brilliant results long after completion.

Transforming colleagues

  • Inspiring talented individuals to champion a consultancy that takes the right approach towards clients and colleagues.
  • Providing a variety of interesting projects with compelling brands and organisations.
  • Fostering the autonomy and close-knit support to grow and develop professionally and personally.

Transforming communities

  • Committing to tough sustainability targets in line with HAVAS.
  • Donating skills, time and energy to raise money and volunteer for causes close to our hearts.
  • Creating an ever-more diverse, inclusive business that can call on a range of views and experiences.

It’s a mindset that’s driven rapid growth, expanded our portfolio, broadened our footprint and underpinned our burgeoning reputation. It’s winning plaudits too – the International Customer Experience Awards named us ‘Best Use of Insights and Feedback 2022’ for our retail employee and customer experience design.

Really bright colleagues and fantastic social culture.



There are many factors that set us apart from other business and digital management consultancies – like our relatively small size, collaborative ethos and business partner-style client approach. But it’s the result of these factors that matter most.

Focused on your vision

We have the knowledge and resources to get everything right. To harness the combination of business, digital and deep strategic thinking to smoothly execute change, and ensure it leaves a powerful legacy.

Trusted to deliver

Ask our clients: we create great working relationships rather than commercial business relationships. We’re like an in-house change management function – engaged by clients’ challenges, excited by solutions and responsible for results.

Adding to your innovation

We’re natural entrepreneurs – a point proved by our Incubator programme, which has seen colleagues develop their own successful start-ups. We bring the same thinking to our work: looking at each challenge with fresh eyes and finding the best possible solution.

Bringing creativity to the mix

Our role within the Havas Group – one of the world’s largest digital, creative and entertainment networks – makes us thoroughly unique. We’ve partnered with a number of our sister agencies to deliver exciting, creative and sustainable change for clients.

Collaboration with other Havas agencies means we can offer clients something different, and more creative.


Our values

We are an inclusive, non-hierarchical team of management consultants united by our common values.


We don’t presume to know our clients’ businesses better than they do. We listen and understand before applying our expertise and skills. .


We’re all accountable for bringing the tenacious leadership to arrive at successful conclusions.


We innovate in the way we think and deliver, always challenging assumptions and minimising complexity to drive results at speed.


We insist on excellence and relish the tough challenges that thwart others.


We believe camaraderie with colleagues and clients is essential to success, and never take ourselves too seriously.


Our integrity, trust and openness mean that, however difficult the message, we can challenge, speak our mind and protect our clients’ best interests.


Nous ne prétendons pas connaître nos clients mieux qu’eux. Nous proposons notre expertise et nos solutions une fois que nous vous avons écouté et compris.


Nous sommes tous responsables des résultats : mener, intensifier et maintenir le cap nous permet de mener les projets à bien.


Nous cherchons à innover et à trouver de nouvelles façons de penser et de faire, en remettant en question les hypothèses dominantes et en minimisant la complexité pour générer rapidement des résultats.


Nous aspirons à l’excellence et à la passion de relever les défis que les autres n’ont pas pu surmonter.


Un sentiment de camaraderie avec nos collègues et nos clients est essentiel pour nous et nous ne nous prenons jamais trop au sérieux.


Intégrité, confiance et ouverture sont nos maitre mots, aussi difficile que soit le message. Nous nous battons toujours pour les intérêts de nos clients.

We practice what we preach. It’s very different from other organisations, where values are wall dressing.

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Meet our leadership team

Our leaders are seasoned consultants. They have extensive experience in big firms and in industry, where they have held a variety of senior leadership roles. They are responsible for the overall performance and management of the business.

Ben Tye
Managing Partner
Nick Kennell
Caro Ruttledge
Dr Pamela Walker Geddes
James Cooper
Umbar Shakir
Mark Warren
Francesca Gualano
Alex Zetter
Jon Breger
Anthony Gaffney
Ben Tye
Managing Partner
Nick Kennell
Dr Pamela Walker Geddes
Mark Warren
James Cumberland
Client director
Ben Tye
Managing Partner
Mark Warren
Dr Pamela Walker Geddes
Sonia Cochet
Director of People and Talent
Kirsty Baldwin
Head of Finance and Operations