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Organisational agility is vital for success in today’s rapidly changing world and businesses must always be ready to challenge and transform their operating models.

Transform and perform

Gate One has surveyed 300 senior executives to explore their experiences of operating model transformations. Download our report to find out what they had to say and why operating model transformation is key to driving organisational agility in complex, highly dynamic environments.

Transform and perform: The power of organisational agility – 10 September 2020

Discovering what 300 senior executives had to say about organisational agility and the key role operating model transformations play in it.

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Organisational agility is the ability to pivot and feel comfortable with the idea that we are going to try new things. If it's not working, we'll stop and try a different approach.

Mark SkinnerHuman resources director for digital at William Hill

87% of senior executives surveyed have been involved in transforming their organisation’s operating model in the past three years

Why are operating model transformations so popular and delivered with such regularity?

62% of respondents say customer experience is at the heart of the organisation, but nearly two-thirds (64%) do not believe they can exceed customer expectations.

Heightened customer expectation has become a defining factor for modern businesses.

46% of business leaders say the silo mentality between departments and teams, resulting in a lack of co-operation, is the number one barrier to progress.

An operating model transformation gives leaders the licence and opportunity to put everything on the table, in order to genuinely reinvent their organisation.

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