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The Future of Health

Health and healthcare have been centre-stage globally over the past three years, with the fragility of the system made apparent – from workforce pressures to growing population health challenges. This has given new impetus to the urgent need to design sustainable and resilient healthcare models and foster innovation across the health ecosystem.

To find out more about the transformation required to adapt to this shift, we conducted research with over 750 senior healthcare leaders across the UK, the US and Ireland in consumer health, pharmaceutical and life sciences, as well as leading hospitals, healthcare providers and other public sector health organisations.

Our research highlights how businesses are responding:

  • Governments are adopting policies aiming to transform healthcare delivery by integrating technology and digital solutions and redesigning services to reduce inequalities and improve patient experience.
  • Pharmaceutical and life sciences companies are actively investing in research enabling the development of cutting-edge treatments and therapies that are tailored and personalised to the unique genetic makeup of each patient.
  • The consumer health sector is redoubling its efforts to promote self-care and health literacy, make more products accessible over-the-counter and harness the opportunities of health tech.

Healthcare leaders are more likely to prioritise investment in digital and data technology integration over sustainability initiatives

It is essential that we integrate artificial intelligence in a profound way into how we determine the future needs of our consumption supply.

Domenico VellucciHead of Supply Chain, Northern Europe, Haleon

Explore our research to find out how key opinion leaders see the future of health – and what we need to do to get there.

Meet some of our team

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Jon Breger
Consumer health lead
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Client director