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Product leadership

As businesses seek to gain greater competitive advantage in an uncertain economic environment, the time is now for senior business leaders to harness the power of product leadership. While many of them increasingly recognise that product leadership has the potential to truly transform their organisation, there are a number of challenges that still need to be worked through if they are to gain the full benefits.

This report explores the defining characteristics of product leadership, the barriers to embedding it and the potential rewards of doing so effectively. It also reveals the key steps that businesses should take in order to successfully embed product leadership into their organisation.

Key challenges to delivering product leadership

Proposed solutions to overcoming product leadership challenges

As a product leader you must have a strategic outlook. You must think: where is the business going? You have to consider what is changing from a talent perspective in the market. Ways of working are now different. So you have to consider what that means from a technology perspective. It is thinking about all of those outside factors and putting that into a vision…

Carla HardingProduct Director – Enabling Functions, Tesco

Product leadership webinar

We recently held a webinar on product leadership where we were joined by Andy Wiggan of GoCardless and Mark Twigg of Cicero/amo. Together with Gate One’s David Forde, they explored the results of our report findings, including the challenges leaders face when working in a product-centric way and how organisations can accelerate their product leadership journey.

Watch the full session here.

Meet some of our team

David Forde
Customer experience lead
Lewis Dyke

If you would like to speak to us about how we can support you with your product leadership journey, please contact David Forde.