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Our client, a leading health and wellbeing store, wanted to reinvent its brand and become a best-in-class, omni-channel retailer. This required a shift in their business model towards delivering experiences and end-to-end journeys for their customers, and more effectively monetising their partner ecosystem. The aim was to reconsider the role of the store and ensure it remained relevant in an increasingly omni-channel world.  

Through an agile approach, we defined an optimal customer journey with the store being a critical touchpoint to support acquisition, retention and engagement. We identified capability gaps and designed how the organisation should be set up to deliver the vision, developing investment plans for new talent, technology, data, insight and culture. 

We mobilised the transformation portfolio to deliver this ambitious strategy, prioritising key customer journeys to identify quick wins in pricing, store format and digitisation. Finally, we defined the approach to trial new ideas and concepts and where successful, scaled them into their operating model. 

Summary of work

  • CX journey mapping
  • Operating model transformation
  • Engagement strategy
  • Roadmap