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Product leadership: Understanding the evolving skillset needed to deliver to your customers – 19 July 2022

Harnessing the power of product leadership and overcoming the challenges to embedding it within your business.

Sustainable shopping habits: How can retailers help consumers make more sustainable choices? – 5 July 2022

Discussing the gap between consumer intentions and behaviours, and how retailers can encourage more sustainable consumer behaviour.

Turn on, tune in, burn out? How to balance leading change and supporting your people

Helping you understand burnout in the context of transformational change, and how to minimise the risk of your staff suffering from it.

Keeping customers close: Customer-centricity in a rapidly changing world

Discussing what 500 businesses and 2,000 consumers had to say about customer-centricity and the challenges of making it a reality.

Steaming ahead: The marketing function as the new growth engine – 14 July 2021

Discussing how to turn your marketing function from a cost centre to the ultimate growth driver through customer centricity.

Everyone’s talking hybrid, but neglect culture at your peril – 23 June 2021

Exploring why culture is so important for hybrid working and the key considerations when thinking about your hybrid culture.

Industry and justice: Staying a step ahead of the fraudsters – 17 June 2021

Tackling the rising threat of fraud through collaboration and transformation. Hear from Ashley Hart, head of fraud at TSB.

Shock to the system: What’s next for the NHS? – 16 June 2021

Learning how mental health providers and commissioners can manage the increased strain after the pandemic.

FOUNDED – The learning loop with Chip – 27 May 2021

Discovering what it takes to be an entrepreneur. Hear from Simon Rabin, serial entrepreneur and founder of Chip, the UK’s first savings app with over 300,000 users.

Making the case to scale automation: The 5 secrets to accelerate from pilot to programme – 28 April 2021

Convincing your organisation to scale up its automation initiative and treat it as a strategic imperative. Presented with our global intelligent automation partner, Roboyo.

Avoiding separation anxiety – M&A, separation and divestment – 22 April 2021

Understanding how organisations can separate in ways that lead to a better, brighter future – not years of difficulty and expense.

‘Out of sight, out of mind?’ Designing a truly digital workforce – 4 March 2021

Exploring studies on the efficacy of remote working and how to design a truly digital workforce.

Think beyond: Your organisation – 11 February 2021

Exploring place leadership and what it means right now, with guest speaker, Josie Wragg, CEO of Slough Borough Council.

Building resilience and sustaining performance through challenging times – 28 January 2021

Understanding the importance of resilience in the context of transformational change and how to practically build and maintain it.

Delivering cost transformation with confidence – 1 October 2020

Providing practical advice for the successful delivery of long-lasting cost transformation and avoiding the common pitfalls in design and delivery.

Transform and perform: the power of organisational agility – 10 September 2020

Discovering what 300 senior executives had to say about organisational agility and the key role operating model transformations play in it.

Taking a clinically informed approach to distributed working – 4 August 2020

Exploring the move to distributed working and the importance of doing this in a clinically informed way.

Meaningful experiences: consumer engagement in a touchless economy – 23 July 2020

Exploring how the touchless economy is set to change in the next normal.

Virtual innovation – 15 July 2020

Challenging the myth that high-quality innovation programmes can’t be achieved virtually.

Why beautiful operating models fail – 7 July 2020

Taking a non-traditional approach to operating model design to deliver real change in complex, highly dynamic environments.

Demystifying 5G: Unleashing the transformative power of 5G in manufacturing – 18 June 2020

Helping manufacturers understand what 5G can really mean for their business.

Sustainability: Is building back better achievable? – 9 June 2020

Building an effective sustainability strategy that complements short-term business recovery measures.

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